Join national speaker and Christian psychologist Dominic Herbst and his team of trained coaches as they walk you through an exciting, hands-on approach that promises to produce positive and dramatic changes in your personal and family life.


Far more than a teaching seminar, Dominic’s Restoring Relationships model has transformed countless lives, restored marriages, resolved parent-child conflict, and brought healing to families throughout the nation.

Don’t miss this transformational experience! Join thousands of others who have found healing in their most precious relationships…


From the most tender young age we all experience hurt, betrayal, or offense through relationship with someone we loved or someone we expected more from. These wounds from those closest to us, whether intentional or unintentional, immediately make an imprint in our thoughts, our feelings and influence our outward behavior. Our response to these offenses at the time they occur will determine whether or not these wounds heal or become infected. Infected wounds create growing toxicity in the soul that spills out onto those around us causing recognizable conflict within self and in interactions with others.


The mission of Restoring Relationships is to first awaken the understanding to the source of inner and relational conflict then to lead participants into action and the experience of hope, healing and victory for their soul.

The Restoring Relationships Encounter focuses on strengthening marriages and parent-child relationships, healing broken hearts, giving hope in depression, providing tools for leaders, relational conflict, and the source and solution for personal inner conflict.

For adults and teens 16+ years.