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SUICIDE: When the fear of living exceeds the fear of dying

Suicide is occurring today in epidemic proportions. Find out what is going on inside the person contemplating suicide and how you can help.

Depression, Despondency, & Suicide

Depression is one of the greatest afflictions in the church today. Find out the REAL cause of this epidemic and learn practical solutions in this video teaching.

The Prodigal Spouse

The repetitive conflict between you and your spouse can lead to desperate actions such as leaving the union to find peace. Find out what YOU CAN DO if your spouse has left.

Demonization, Deliverance, & Active Warfare

According to Ephesians 4:26-27, it is possible for a person to give place to an unwanted spiritual presence within their soul. Find out how it can get there and what to do about it.

Parent | Child Conflict

Even the best parent-child relationships will go through tough challenges and difficult stages. Learn about what causes them and how to navigate them wisely and gracefully.

Break Free From A Toxic, Abusive, Controlling Person

Those who are abusive and toxic have a firestorm of rage within their hearts that has been brewing since early childhood. There are very effective methods for breaking free of the abuser while creating motivation for him to change. Find out how in this video.

Psychology is in the Bible

Schizophrenia, Multiple Personality and Bi-Polar Disorder: what does the Bible Say? Many of the current disorders that those in the mental health field experience are actually referred to in the Bible! Learning the biblical roots can give hope to those who have struggled for years without hope.

Stepchildren & Blended Families

Biology and genetics do not determine the closeness between children and their parents. The deepest desires of all children regardless of their origin is to be knitted to the souls of those whom they love so much. Learn how to minister to the hearts of your children and help your blended family flourish.

I wonder if I was sexually abused, but I can't remember...

There are times that indications of sexual awakenings may have occurred even when you were an infant. Although your cognitive mind may not remember the events, they are etched on the hard drive of your heart. Find out how this may have affected you and what you can do about it now.

Gender Confusion Can Be Healed

The very fact that there is confusion experienced by a person with Gender Identity Disorder means that it was not originated by God Who is “…not the author of confusion,” (1 Cor.14:33 KJV). However it is important to note that those who experience the emotional trauma of this disorder often endure long and arduous struggles, sometimes over decades, wondering why they are torn asunder in the deepest recesses of their souls. Learn more about the origins of these struggles and how a person can be set free in this video.

How Can I Draw My Prodigal Child's Heart Back Home?

“No man comes unto Me except the Father Who sent Me draws him.” (John 6:44). There is a way to remove all obstacles and barriers to your child’s triumphant return to you. Find out how to pray for your child and allow the Spirit of the Lord to draw him or her back to God the Father, and then back to you.

Coping with Control & Manipulation

Control and manipulation is rooted in a heart filled with fear on the part of the one exercising the control and the one under it’s power. Find out how to surround the fear in your heart giving you the courage to confront the fear in another’s heart.